FreeForm Cardio Ski Erg
FreeForm Cardio Ski Erg
FreeForm Cardio Ski Erg

FreeForm Cardio Ski Erg

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Develop your strength and endurance with the Freeform Ski Trainer. Designed to simulate the movement of cross-country skiing, this low-impact machine gives you a full-body workout all in the comfort of your home or commercial gym. The innovative flywheel technology allows you to adjust the airflow quickly and change the feel of the pull to suit your workout.

Modern features and ergonomic comfort meets old-school hardcore training. The Freeform Ski Trainer is packed with the most up-to-date, innovative features.


Improve your cardio fitness while working a range of muscle groups in your upper & lower body. The Freeform Ski-Trainer will also help to develop your flexibility, coordination and core strength.



More than your ordinary cardio machine. The Freeform Ski Trainer will work your lower body to improve strength and toning definition with reduced impact stress on your joints.




The Freeform Ski Trainer gives you full control over your workout intensity WITH 9 adjustable resistance levels. Resistance response is relative to your stroke movement. The harder you pull, the harder the resistance is. As the flywheel spins faster, the air resistance increases.


Rotate the dial on the spiral damper to adjust the flywheel airflow to suit your preference.

The Freeform Ski Trainer includes an air dampener which controls the volume of air moved by the vanes of the rotating flywheel. Therefore a larger vent opening results in a higher resistance, and a smaller vent opening results in a lower resistance.


The Freeform Ski Trainer handles are similar to a Nordic Ski grip size, and ergonomically shaped for a natural feel. The eco-friendly handle coating protects against sweat and provides a secure grip at all times while also being soft and comfortable in your palms.



Freeform Ski Trainer includes the Elite Performance Monitor with blue backlit display screen. Accurately keep track of your strokes per minute, time, distance, cycle, heart rate (heart rate strap not included), calories and watts.



The Freeform Ski Trainer can be wall-mounted or used with the Freeform floor stand to remain mobile. The floor stand, with front transport wheels and low weight frame, make it easy for almost anyone to move or store away between workouts.



The easy to maintain, Freeform Ski Trainer was built with quality materials to handle frequent, high-intensity usage. Suitable for high-performance training centres, commercial gyms, sporting clubs, fitness centres or in your home/garage gym.



  • Usage: Full Commercial
  • Includes: floor stand
  • Assembled Dimensions: 120cm (D) x 59cm (W) x 214cm (H)
  • Assembly Time: 20 to 30 mins.