Heavy Duty Squat Rack

Heavy Duty Squat Rack

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 This is our latest design 60x60mm, 2mm wall thickness box tubing squat stand for light commercial or home use. 

By utilising 165cm high vertical sections, and adjustable barbell hooks, this stand is far more stable than telescopic designs. Adjustable height spotter bars are perfect for those heavy lifts, or for use as a second set of barbell hooks for rack deadlifts. 

Rear plate storage is handy for keeping your weight plates off the floor, and has the added benefit of keeping the stands firmly planted on the floor, no matter how rough you treat them! 

We've made these stands fixed width - no flimsy telescopic adjustment tubes to be seen! These are Olympic width stands for Olympic lifting, primarily for lifters who use full size 86" bars. The benefit is that this frame is far more rigid than what we could have achieved with an adjustable width stand. 

  • Dimensions: W x D x H = 122cm x 75cm x 165cm
  • Max load rating: 300kg
  • Hard wearing white powdercoat
  • Lifetime frame guarantee