About Us

Where it all began..

The brand Wod Gear Athletic Apparel was founded in 2010 or as we refer to it As (Pre-bok) We kept ripping the crotch out of our shorts and back then there Was no "specific" clothing brands making shorts that met our needs in Australia.
We decided to take a crash course in clothing design and sewing lessons then We bought a sewing machine and started playing with different patterns and Went through many samples of shorts until we came up with the first ever Wod Shorts designed and made in Australia.
Since then Wod Gear has evolved from a business to a company to cementing Its place as an iconic Australian clothing brand and one of the biggest suppliers of specialised fitness products distributing worldwide.
Like you we are athlete's we watch and listen to your needs then design, manufacture and distribute quality products and services at the best prices.
All of our products have been tested by the world's best athletes
So you can be assured that if you purchase a product
All you have to think about is your performance.


Wod Gear Australia/NZ