Callus Buffer By SSTUFF
Callus Buffer By SSTUFF
Callus Buffer By SSTUFF
Callus Buffer By SSTUFF

Callus Buffer By SSTUFF

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“I love my rough bloody calluses” - says no one ever.

Shaving and maintaining your calluses will help you avoid hand rips. Your goal is to thin your calluses so that they remain flexible, yet protective of your hands. They should move and assist in your movements, allowing you to grip things, pain-free! 

This callus removal kit will help you do just that. 

For thick, hard calluses, use a callus shaver to shave your calluses down in a controlled manner. 

Grab the callus shaver to shave down those excess dead skin. It’s better to get rid of them now before they tear further. Overgrown calluses often lead to a cycle of blisters and rips.

To maintain your thin, yet tough calluses, use the callus buffer to sand down the rough skin daily/or as needed. 

Grind down any hard calluses with our specially designed pumice stone. It is ergonomically designed to fit in your hands to sand down tough, rough skin. It is thoughtfully engineered to keep those calluses thin but tough, strong yet smooth. Can be used in conjunction with the shaver or just on its own. Read more on how to use our pumice stone

Avoid shaving and sanding your calluses too much as you might experience increased sensitivity and pain.


  • Maintain your calluses to avoid any bloody hand rips!
  • Consistently caring for your calluses leads to healthy and strong calluses
  • Reduces hand rips and avoid missing a day of training due to a torn hand.