FITEK Ozilliant Virgin Rubber Colour 10kg Bumper Plate Set
FITEK Ozilliant Virgin Rubber Colour 10kg Bumper Plate Set

FITEK Ozilliant Virgin Rubber Colour 10kg Bumper Plate Set

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Our classic high quality bumper plates have been revamped and improved with a unique new design by FITEK in Australia – with no change to the price. New features include a moulded finger groove for extra grip while holding the plates, and a bevelled edge to make them easier to pick up from the floor.

FITEK Bumper Plates handle all types of weight training and are built to withstand serious punishment. They are made entirely from high performance virgin rubber for extreme durability, engineered to safely absorb the impact of being dropped from overhead. We use virgin rubber so there is no strong smell, with a matte finishing that protects the surface and increases grip for extra safety. The stainless steel core provides excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, and allows the plates to slide easily onto the barbell.

FITEK Bumper Plates are manufactured to meet IWF specifications, including weight, dimensions and colouring. Weight numbers are printed clearly on both sides of the plate for quick and easy identification, along with the FITEK company name. These plates are designed in Australia and we are proud to be an Australian company designing quality fitness products since FITEK was established in 2009.

The new design of our bumper plates is focused largely on improving functionality and convenience. First of all, the addition of a circular moulded finger groove makes handling the bumper plates easier than ever, providing a channel for the fingers so they can grip with extra strength. Meanwhile the bevelled shape of the plate edge allows fingers to get underneath, making plates lying flat on the ground easy to pick up instead of a nuisance.

Suitable for Olympic lifting, heavy powerlifting, CrossFit or bodybuilding, and designed for use in commercial or home gyms. FITEK Bumper Plates are highly versatile and built to handle the toughest training sessions.

FITEK Bumper Plates come direct from our manufacturing facility, which means we can offer the best prices with no compromise on quality.

  • 2pcs of   5kg Bumper Plates (size: 45cm*2.5cm*45cm)
  • 2pcs of 10kg Bumper Plates (size: 45cm*4.5cm*45cm)
  • 2pcs of 15kg Bumper Plates (size: 45cm*6.0cm*45cm)
  • 2pcs of 20kg Bumper Plates (size: 45cm*7.3cm*45cm)
  • 2pcs of 25kg Bumper Plates (size: 45cm*8.5cm*45cm)

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Virgin Rubber
  • Inner ring: Stainless steel
  • Surface: Non-slip matte finish
  • Diameter: 450mm
  • Collar opening: 51mm