Rigor Gear Wod Bag - Pink
Rigor Gear Wod Bag - Pink

Rigor Gear Wod Bag - Pink

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The Rigor Gear Bag is a ultra durable sport gym bag and is feature rich. The perfect multi-functional sports activity bag for both men and women. 


  • ⏰SAVE TIME - We understand that your time is valuable and every second counts, so why would you waste precious time fumbling thru a gym bag trying to find a specific item? With the Rigor Gear duffle bag everything that you pack will have its own place in one of the numerous compartments. This reduces your search time, which in turn allows you to focus more on your workout. Being dialed in and focused throughout your entire workout will help you reach your fitness goals faster.
  • 💰 SAVE MONEY - Stop wasting your hard earned money on a gym bag that doesn't last two months. The Rigor Gear duffle bag is an investment that will repay you in just a few uses. This bag gives you the freedom to carry anything and go anywhere. With the dual shoe compartment, wet/dry storage, and breathable mesh pockets, and overall size this duffle bag has everything you need and more. The Rigor Gear duffle bag will make you question why you ever bought another workout duffle bag.
  • 👍 CONFIDENCE - Confidence is a key component in anything that you do in your life. When it comes to work, school, or training the Rigor Gear duffle bag gives you an additional boost of confidence, knowing that you have everything you need to succeed. For instance the internal pouch has ample room for your big items like towels, clothes, weight belts, foam roller or any other gym accessory you can think of.
  • 💪 STRONG & DURABLE - Hard work and dedication is something that is hardwired into all of us. You give 110% in everything you do so why would you ever settle for a bag that isn't as strong and hardworking as you are. With the Rigor Gear duffle bag you will never have the issue of your bag ripping at the seams or the zipper breaking. This bag is as tough as you are and will stand up to any challenge it faces, just like you.

Live to play another day with this Rigor Gear Bag featuring 5 external rigorous mesh pockets with elastic carabiner strap for ultimate flexibility.  Air dry your sweaty gear by hooking it on to carabiners or tucking into breathable mesh pockets on multiple sides of your bag.  Two shoe compartments on one side provide options for you to carry multiple pairs, leave empty or use as a wet/dry space for clothes.

Whatever you decide, the internal cabinet has ample room for your big items like towels, clothes or weight belts and can easily accommodate a heavy load with its reinforced padded shoulder strap and double stitched handles.  It's just easy to carry.   

Durable and smooth zippers allow easy access inside pockets and Velcro secures other pouches.  The front has 4 compartments, two zip pockets (3" and 4") with dual (7") Velcro enclosed pockets.  These become the perfect place to zip keys and wallet while your phone is quickly accessible via the Velcro pockets. 

This bag is the perfect solution to fitness gear bags from Rigor Gear.  Treat yourself or a loved one, you won't be disappointed.

    You will love:

    • Easily air-dry or isolate wet gear with 5 external mesh pockets or an optional internal wet/dry compartment
    • Abundance of large pockets and zip compartments for all your valuables and Quick access items
    • Large capacity bag with 11.9 Gallons of internal space for everything you need for your day