Wod Gear Nylon Weightlifting Belt Black

Wod Gear Nylon Weightlifting Belt Black

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Affordable, dependable option for athletes of any size and skill level. Much thinner and lighter than

a traditional leather weightlifting belt, our Nylon Belt still provides firm, stable support of the abdomen

and lower back helping you get the most out of your weightlifting.

The 4” Nylon Weightlifting Belt is also ideal for easy transitions from light to heavy lifting movements,

with a quick-adjust steel tensioning buckle and hook-and-loop fastening system.


Important: Choosing the right size belt is critical to its effectiveness in your workout. Use our sizing chart below to determine which size Nylon Belt is right for you.



*4' Nylon Belt

*Lightweight Comfortable foam core

* Hook and loop velcro closure system for secure fit

*Flexable foam nylon construction conforms to body position


  • Size Chart  (inches) 
    *Measure your waist between your ribs and hips (around the belly button).
  •  You can't use your pant size to determine the size of your belt.
  • Size XS S M L XL  
    Waist 26-29" 29-34" 32-37" 34-40" 36-43"